We welcome you to FYSICA 2017!

Ben Feringa

Nobelprize winner Ben Feringa gave a lecture during FYSICA 2017.

De Oosterpoort

FYSICA 2017 took place in Groningen, in the Oosterpoort.

Plenary Hall

FYSICA 2017 turned out to be a very successful edition. At this picture you can see Ben Feringa as plenary speaker. Photo: NNV

Foyer De Oosterpoort

An impression of the foyer. Photo: NNV

Bart van Wees

Bart van Wees talks about nanospintronics. Photo: NNV

Gijs Wuite

Gijs Wuite gave a lecture on biophysics. Photo: NNV

Jo van den Brand

Jo van den Brand, Physica Lecture. Photo: NNV

Ana Mafalda Monteiro

One of the finalists of the Young Speakers Contest. Photo: NNV


Institutes and companies presented their work and products at the FYSICA-market. Photo: NNV

Focus sessions

In the afternoon, you could make a choice out of several focus sessions. Photo: NNV

Nobel Lecture

Nobel Lecture by Ben Feringa. Photo: NNV

Vorige Volgende


FYSICA is the annual physics conference of the Netherlands' Physical Society (NNV). Each year the NNV organises FYSICA in cooperation with a Dutch university, in 2017 with University of Groningen. So every year FYSICA takes place in another city, according to a roster.

FYSICA 2017 was in De Oosterpoort in Groningen on Friday April 7, 2017. It turned out to be a very successful edition. To get an impression, go to the homepage of the website of the NNV, where several (10) news items are dedicated to FYSICA 2017.

FYSICA 2018 will be in Utrecht, most probably at April 13, 2018. Save the date!

All physicists (students, teachers, physicists working in industry, academia, public service) are warmly invited to attend the FYSICA-meeting. FYSICA 2017 was an excellent opportunity to meet each other and to network.


It takes only 10 minutes to walk from Groningen Central Station to De Oosterpoort. The plenary program of FYSICA 2017 took place in the Kleine Zaal of De Oosterpoort in Groningen. The registration desk of FYSICA 2017, were you could pick up your badge, was situated near the foyer of the Kleine Zaal (Small Hall).

After entering the main entrance of De Oosterpoort, screens and signs guided you to the registration desk. The FYSICA-market and coffee- and lunch breaks took place in the foyer of the Kleine Zaal.

The site of the Oosterpoort offers the possibility to take a look in the building.  

Click here to find out how to reach De Oosterpoort.



Validatie door Registerleraar.nl

FYSICA 2017 is gevalideerd door Registerleraar.nl, zie onderstaand logo. Dat betekent dat FYSICA 2017 officieel is gecertificeerd als nascholing en dat docenten FYSICA kunnen opvoeren als nascholingsuren; FYSICA 2017 geldt voor 9 registeruren. Certificaten van deelname worden in week 21 (2017) nagezonden aan diegenen die bij aanmelding een certificaat hebben aangevraagd.


Organisation of FYSICA 2017

The organising committee of FYSICA 2017:

Beatriz Noheda (RUG) - chair
Steven Hoekstra (RUG) - chair
Noortje de Graaf (NNV)
Renate van der Tuuk (RUG)
Anton Jansen (T.F.V. 'Prof. Francken')
Sander Vermeulen (FMF) 

Focus sessions:
Physics & Cosmology (chair: Rob Timmermans)
Physics & Biology (chair: Patrick Onck, Wouter Roos, Erik van der Giessen, Thorben Cordes)
Physics & Energy (chair: Giuseppe Portale & Maria Antonietta Loi)
Physics & Health (chair: Sytze Brandenburg)
Physics & Education (chair: Winand Slingenbergh)
Student Session (organized by Thomas Mutter (FMF), Sander Vermeulen (FMF), Susan van der Woude (FMF) & Klaas van der Veen (Prof. Francken) 

Anja Al (NNV)
Debora van Galen Last (NNV) 

Design poster FYSICA 2017:
Robert van der Meer and Esger Brunner 


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