Attend FYSICA 2023 at TU Delft on 26 May 2023

Nynke Dekker

Physica Lecture by Nynke Dekker (single molecule nanoscale biophysics)

Vorige Volgende


FYSICA is the annual physics conference of the Netherlands' Physical Society (NNV). Each year the NNV organises FYSICA in cooperation with a Dutch university. So every year FYSICA takes place in another city, according to a roster. 

TU Delft will host FYSICA 2023, so come to Delft on Friday 26 May 2023. Registration for FYSICA 2023 is open, we invite all physicists (including students) to attend this meeting.

Registration for the Young Speakers Contest at FYSICA 2023 is open now! Click here for more information.



Organisation of FYSICA 2023

The organising committee of FYSICA 2023 consists of:

Sander Otte (TUD)
Silvania Pereira (TUD)
Anna Verdouw (VvTP)
Karin Wilhelm (TUD)
Martin Depken (TUD)
Noortje de Graaf (NNV)


Anja Al (NNV)
Debora van Galen Last (NNV) 


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