FYSICA 2024 is on Friday April 12 in Eindhoven


Speakers will be Gijsje Koenderink, Physica prize winner 2024 Florian Schreck, and 2023 Nobel Laureate Anne L'Huillier.

Vorige Volgende


Physics at the human scale

FYSICA is the annual physics conference of the Netherlands' Physical Society (NNV). Every year one of the Dutch universities acts as co-organizer of the conference, so every year FYSICA takes place in another city.

Come and join us at this year's conference that takes place at the TU/e in Eindhoven.

It has Physics at the Human Scale as its central theme and offers lectures, guided tours, the Young Speakers Contest, a market, interactive sessions, as well as the lighthearted evening progam Physics with a Smile.

In the morning Gijsje Koenderink will give a lecture on bio-nanoscience.

And the Physica Prize winner 2024 Florian Schreck will speak on his research Continuous Bose-Einstein condensation and superradiant clocks.

We are honoured and happy to share that Nobel laureate 2023 Anne L’Huillier will give a plenary talk in the afternoon!

   Florian Schreck

Organisation of FYSICA 2024

The organising committee of FYSICA 2024 consists of:

Margriet van der Heijden (TU/e)
Alessandro Corbetta (TU/e)
Oscar de Vries (SVTN J.D. van der Waals)
Marjan Rodenburg (TU/e)
Simone Molenaar (NNV)


Anja Al (NNV)
Debora van Galen Last (NNV) 


ASML Hamamatsu Molenaar Optics NWO Quantum Europe